SYPE Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs (SYPE) is a group of young and energetic people, working together to promote business and opportunity in Saskatchewan to retain our most valuable resource – our youth - by providing networking opportunities for youth business and professionals. SYPE hosts a variety of networking events throughout the year!

While the SYPE membership is open to all ages, the executive board members age between 18 and 35.

SYPE Saskatoon Vision Statement: We seek for every young professional and entrepreneur to be connected, inspired and engaged in our community.

  • SYPE Saskatoon Mission Statement:  For our members, we will:
    • Provide a platform to stand out and be heard
    • Support their professional development
    • Create opportunities for networking
    • Build lasting relationships with our community

SYPE Saskatoon Committees:

In order to be a more effective organization, SYPE Saskatoon has shifted its Board organization to include subcommittees with specific areas of focus. The following is a list of the new committees in SYPE Saskatoon.

1)   Finance Committee (email)

The Finance Committee will be responsible for all financial oversight associated with the Chapter. The Committee will ensure proper budgeting.

2)   Events and Marketing Committee (email)

The Marketing Committee is tasked with the preparation and oversight of all marketing material relating to the Chapter. The Committee also oversees all external communications on behalf of the Chapter, which shall include (but not be limited to) email campaigns, print material, event branding, social media, and the website for the Chapter. Most importantly, the Events Committee is responsible for organizing and arranging all matters associated with SYPE Saskatoon’s events (which shall include, without limitation, the Chapter’s monthly luncheons as well as evening events hosted from time-to-time).

3)   Corporate Connections and Membership Committee (email)

The Corporate Connections and Membership Committee is tasked with ensuring the success of SYPE’s annual corporate connections campaign and delegating roles and responsibilities associated with the direction and communication with potential sponsors. The Committee is also responsible for all community outreach matters applicable to the Chapter and will be responsible for managing the Chapter’s membership and ensuring proper member-related protocols are in place and functioning correctly.

SYPE Saskatoon Board of Directors for 2019

Cody Podhordeski President

Cole Wilson    Secretary

Samantha Krahn Marketing Chair

Stephen Yee Corporate Connections Chair

Tessa Lennox  Events Chair

Shayla Romanyshyn  Membership Chair

Alecia Nagy   Finance Chair

Colton Daniels  Treasurer

Anna Burton Past President

Jordan Glasman  Student Representative

Ryan Richichi

Dylon Gould

Chris Molenaar

Palash Sanyal



Privacy Policy / Legal

SYPE Saskatoon C/O Mckercher LLP
Attn: Cole Wilson
374 3rd Ave S
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1M5

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