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SYPE is pleased to announce the finalist for the 2018 Young Entrepreneur of the year award are:

  • Derek Becker - Adrenaline Strength & Conditioning
  • Alisha Esmail - Road Coffee
  • Keshia Gamola – Kreativemum
  • Travis Low - Blue Moose Media
  • Sherri McEwan - 365 Nutrition
Come hang out and meet the finalist at Silvers Spades Awards on June 1st.  
Get your tickets here for the big event!

Thanks for all those who applied!

Young Entrepreneur Finalist Bios:

Derek Becker (on the right) - Adrenaline Strength & Conditioning

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Derek graduated from the University of Regina in 2006 with a degree in Kinesiology and Health Studies. He is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Derek has 10 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach. Over that time, he trained a variety of athletes from basketball players to strength athletes, including Powerlifters and Strongmen. He also has a decade of experience competing as an IPF Powerlifter and Strongman. He considers himself a coach first and athlete second. His training philosophy is simple: a stronger athlete is a superior athlete.

Adrenaline is more than a warehouse style gym. It's a community of support, education, and encouragement to achieve fitness goals. Adrenaline prides itself on having an environment that welcomes both men and woman of all skill levels.   Adrenaline is located in Regina and has 8 employees on its team, with experience in powerlifting, strongman, personal training, sports performance, and nutrition. This gym is home to a number of very successful weight lifters, including Jess Theaker, one of the most successful strongwoman in Canada.

Alisha Esmail - Road Coffee


Alisha's background in international development fuelled her passion for working with locals overseas and seeing their products receive the proper payment and recognition. Meeting farmers and seeing their hard work turned that passion into action, manifesting into a decision to start a company that could benefit these communities while providing a quality product. The coffee market is the second largest market in the world next to oil, it’s a growing industry with a lasting influence and demand, and there are opportunities to create ripples of positive growth and equality. Combining her passion for coffee, business and social change, Alisha decided to start a company that produced high quality coffee products while using it as a platform for social change.   As of October 2017, Road Coffee moved into 1415 Ontario Ave, this space serves as our roasting and packaging facility. With 1 full time employee and 3 contract staff, we are looking to bring on another production this summer.

Keshia Gamola – Kreativemum


Keshia is personable, artistic and she loves children, those three things along were the passion that allowed her to start Kreativemum.  Her vision started from a love for art and a love for her children. That’s why Kreativemum’s slogan is “inspired by love, she started what is now called Kreativemum as a fun little thing I she would do on the side of working full time.  Kreativemum is a home based business run out of her home that provides face painting, body painting, henna and other temporary body art. Kreativemum attends events all over Saskatchewan. Kreativemum officially became a business in 2017 and now has 7 artists who work as independent contractors.

Travis Low - Blue Moose Media


Before starting Blue Moose Media, Travis served as Executive Director for Parkinson Canada - Saskatchewan for four years. During his tenure, he expanded the charity’s reach across the province, supporting and advocating for people living with Parkinson’s, and their care partners. In 2008, he founded Lows in Motion, Canada’s most attended Parkinson’s fundraiser. To date, the event has raised more than $550,000 in net proceeds for Parkinson Canada. In 2013, Travis was named one of CBC Saskatchewan’s Future 40 Under 40.

Travis and his longtime friend, Ricky Forbes, founded Blue Moose Media in 2016, and their four-person team works out of the head office in Saskatoon. Their vision is based on the knowledge that social media plays a significant role in modern everyday life and, used correctly, it is a powerful channel to connect with anyone, anywhere. Blue Moose Media provides clients a full suite of social media management services focused on original, thoughtful content directed to a carefully researched audience. They take the time to understand each client’s brand story, build out a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, and put it into motion.

Blue Moose Media expanded in 2017 by introducing a training and consulting component to their business. The team has developed three curriculum-based courses: Social Media Fundamentals, Facebook & Instagram Advertising Essentials, and Google AdWords Fundamentals. To date, they’ve led over 60 workshops for 358 students throughout the province, and enjoyed great success along with their clients.

Sherri McEwan - 365 Nutrition

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Sherri McEwen was born and raised in Saskatoon, she spent many years battling addiction and alcoholism. She discovered a new, sober, version of herself through sport – specifically Crossfit. Once she felt the changes and the excitement of living a better and healthier life she started to see the many other struggles people faced. Struggles with food, with health, with addiction.  That is when she decided to educate herself in nutrition and sport. She wanted to help those struggling to find the best version of themselves, to give them what they needed and had no ability to receive on their own. Therefore, she made it my mission to start 365Nutriton.

With 365Nutrition she wanted to bring nutrition back to the basics. Prove that it is possible to make better healthier choices and create a domino effect of positive change. 365Nutrition teaches people how to budget, how to plan, how to be efficient, and how to do it for their entire family, in hopes of putting an end to the obesity epidemic.  365Nutrition bridges the gap between addiction and healthy living and to bring more to ‘Active Recovery’ by helping addicts and alcoholics reach sobriety through sport and nutrition

365Nutriton is based in Saskatoon. My main office is located at 1222-A Quebec Ave. – Synergy Strength Conditioning working with Synergy Strength Conditioning as part of their Sports Therapy Team.



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