Design Thinking Fundamentals

Presented by: zu Academy

July 9, 2020 or August 18, 2020

Facilitator: Albert Jame, Chelsey Schaffel & Zach Perkins

Is your organization struggling to make decisions? Are you looking for new ways to innovate and build creativity?

Design thinking is a practical approach to finding creative solutions to problems.

Learn more about zu Academy and the upcoming Fundamentals and Intensive courses, and join professionals from a variety of industries for a hands-on training experience. You will learn from and work with design thinking experts and have a 1:1 session after the workshop with a specialist from zu's strategy team to discuss how design thinking can be applied to your projects.

Design Thinking: Fundamentals is your first introduction to the world of design thinking. It’s a jam-packed 4-hour walkthrough of the entire methodology that teaches effective tools for complex problem solving and delivering beautiful experiences for your users.

What is design thinking? 

It’s a practical approach to finding creative solutions to problems, inspired by traditional design methods, that you don’t have to be a designer to use or understand. More simply, design thinking is an approach to problem solving.

What you'll learn 
  • An overview of the entire design thinking process
  • How to conduct user-centred research
  • New approaches to problem definition and innovation
  • The prototyping mindset
  • How to improve your customer experience process
  • Where and when to apply design thinking

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Other zu Academy Courses

In addition to the Fundamentals course, zu Academy also offers an intensive 3-5 day course to provide you more in-depth knowledge and tools to bring Design Thinking back into your workplace.

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About zu

zu is a design and strategy consultancy focused on building digital solutions. They have applied their human-centred approach to transformational client projects for the last 25 years. zu Academy is the learning extension of zu, helping organizations build knowledge and capacity within their teams to design and develop better products and services for their users.



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